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Crescendo: A Community of Writers is a literary magazine that amplifies unique voices. We publish both established and up-and-coming writers, particularly writers who find themselves on the margins of traditional publication opportunities. We publish excellent writing in the genres of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and inter-genre work.

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Our Story

We began with community writers groups in New York City and keep that ethos in all we do. Put simply, we are writers who support writers–from idea generation to publication.

2018 - Current

In 2018 Katherine Payne started Uptown Writers Circle in Inwood in New York City. The group met at The Park View in the neighborhood of Inwood in New York City. This writers circle is free and open to anyone who wants to write in community–supporting both experienced and novice writers. In 2020 due to the Pandemic, the group's meetings moved online. In 2020 due to the Pandemic, the group's meetings were forced to move online. The idea for a new issue of the magazine came organically out of group conversation with the same purpose: to publish work by unique voices and create a space of writers supporting writers. The second issue, rebranded as Crescendo: A Community of Writers will be published in Winter 2022.

Writers Circle
Members of the Uptown Writers Circle during a virtual meeting in Summer 2022


2009 - 2012

In 2009 Katherine Payne (née Sanders) joined a writers circle led by Anna Smith. Like many writers circles, this group was free and open to anyone who wanted to write in community. The meetings were held in East Harlem Cafe owned by Michelle Cruz in El Barrio of New York City. In conversation with group members, Katherine and Anna decided to start a literary magazine, publishing work by unique voices and with the ethos of writers supporting writers. Katherine Payne received support and funding from Fractured Atlas and the Arts Initiative at Columbia University. Katherine also served as the managing editor for the first issue of Crescendo City: A Community of Writers. After the publication of the first issue, the magazine went on hiatus.

Harlem Writers Circle
Founding Editor Katherine Payne (far left) with some of the writers featured in the issue and Michelle Cruz (far right)