Issue 1

Crescendo Magazine Issue 1This first issue of Crescendo City: A Community of Writers focuses on place. How do writing and place intersect? How does place affect the way we see the world? What kinds of places can we create in writing? Writers circle meetings began in El Barrio--a location that continues to inspire writers. In ancient poetry and storytelling, speakers used the art of memory to enact their story. Every poem needed to be housed in a neighborhood, or a place; and objects within that place reminded the storyteller of important words or parts of the story. Then retelling became simple for the storyteller: take a mental walk around the block, or the house, or the neighborhood, and let the story tell itself. This collection features work by: Hilary Vaughn Dobel, Erin Ehsani, Scoo D Foo, Julia Guez, Emily Herzlin, Justin Long-Moton, Jason McDaniel, Bob McNiel, Dina Montes, Dawn Marie Perry, Diana Santana, Ella Veres, Matvei Yankelevich.